BACON BOXCUTTERS a Novel by Jim E.M. Miles

Jim E.M. Miles in action at the Tartan Pub

Jim Miles is president of Enterprise Information Systems, Inc. and owner of the Taylor Creek Enterprise Center, an office building in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He lives in Orleans, Ontario with his wife and business partner Thérèse, and their three daughters.

In a former life, Jim commanded an infantry platoon in CFB Gagetown for a while. He is pictured in the photo above working with a Leopard tank.

Jim was also a competitive combat rifle shooter, and worked in Ottawa and Kingston as a Signals Officer pioneering in tactical use of command and control information systems.

On Wednesday nights, Jim can usually be found at the Tartan Pub, as seen in the photo at the left.

Major Maurice A. Parker

Morris Parker, the main character, was named after my grandfather, Maurice A. Parker, businessman, family man, and a pretty good boxer who, according to him, "could have done better if I hadn't kept hitting the other guy's fist with my face."

As part of the battle for Hong Kong, Major Maurice A. Parker commanded D Company of the Royal Rifles of Canada in a counter-attack against Japanese forces on Christmas Day, 1941, at Stanley Village. It was almost a suicide attack against overwhelming forces. He was captured along with his men and spent four years as a POW.

The Battle of Hong Kong cost D Company 26 killed and 78 wounded, 82% on Christmas Day alone. "We went in as a Company, and came out as a Company. No deserters, no stragglers, but minus our dead and wounded."

Deadly December The Battle of Hong Kong by Ronald C. Parker is available on and